Student Hacks: Productivity

A productive team

Some students can maintain their status at the top of the class while the rest of us keep slogging without any reason. These toppers also have excellent social lives, get out more often, have fun with friends, and are also part of unusual extracurricular activities. The trick to their success is smart studying for productivity. These students study effectively in half the time taken by regular students on a daily basis.

As students, there are always too many things to do with too little time to complete them. Apart from achieving excellent grades at school or university, they also need to take care of themselves, live happy lives, and contribute to society. There are plenty of hacks available for students wishing to improve their grades, study smarter, and lead tremendously productive lives. Let us share some of these hacks with you to improve your efficiency and productivity as a student.

Keep a set time: Keeping a set time while studying increases your memory retention and allows the brain to absorb more information in a shorter span of time. By this, we don’t mean you study for ten minutes and then ignore your books for the remainder of the day. Small study sessions between one or one and a half hour of studying can help increase student productivity and decrease lethargy and stress levels considerably. Set times also work as goal setting mechanisms and can help complete deadlines. Using an alarm clock here can help you massively when it comes to sticking to a timetable you’ve devised, and it also helps with learning the importance of time management and efficiency.

Regular breaks: Regular short breaks while studying help boost the natural performance of the brain. Smaller breaks help the mind to work at optimum levels. While taking a break, get up from your study or workstation and move around. Do not sit in the same place and start your social media accounts. Get up, walk around, sip a little water or make yourself a cup of coffee. This helps divert the attention from studies and allows the mind to grasp the information just learned.

Eat healthily: Healthy eating is essential for development and alertness. As students, there is a lot of strain on the body. Nutritious and balanced meals help keep energy levels high while keeping the body clean. Similarly avoid bad habits like nicotine, drugs, and alcohol to keep your body healthy. Student productivity can increase with a great immune system and fantastic health. Making small changes to your lifestyle to eat and sleep better can help improve your grades overnight.

Exercise daily: Exercise helps keep the mind and body alert and ready for any activity throughout the day. Wake up in the mornings and go for a run or a jog to stimulate excellent blood flow and get fitter and healthier. Many students cannot find the time to join the gym. If this is the case with you, then opt for something that allows you to interact with peers like joining a sports team, or learning a new form of sports and fitness like tennis, basketball, Zumba, dance classes, or aerobics.

Medication: Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is a medicine preferred by students to increase concentration during studying. Modafinil helps in improving performance and understanding of long or complex tasks. It also helps enhance the planning and problem-solving areas of the brain to increase output. This wonder drug helps improve specific cognitive functions that help students sift through enormous amounts of data and information in a shorter span of time. Many students prefer using Modafinil as an alternative to caffeine drinks and energy drinks, you can buy Modafinil online from many pharmacies.

Get adequate sleep: Students think they do not require rest. Getting 8 hours of sleep is necessary for proper functioning and studying. More extended hours of study do not mean that everything is getting retained. Relaxing the mind is crucial to boosting energy levels during the day and when studying. Going to bed calmly and without stress is as important as eating healthy. Some students also prefer meditation and yoga as a means to calm their minds and bodies down before going to sleep in the night. Since stress is a leading cause of getting lesser sleep, it is essential to combat stress before getting to bed.

Another way to increase productivity is to maintain lists with things to do during the day. Maintaining a balance between student life and personal life is as important as studying efficiently. An all-around student experience can help increase information absorbed. Time management, stress management, and absorption capabilities will improve with a little effort.