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Gaps in Belief

In any terms in life, there is a gap between the poor and rich. The great difference among the people is opportunity gap, discipline gap, the wealth gap, achievement gap, and the like. More so, belief gap is included in the disparities.

Belief Gap is the difference between what the student he can accomplish and achieve, and what the others believe the students can accomplish and achieve.

This gap exists when these elements exist:

Undermatching: Students who have the potential to achieve good grades and exam scores, but comes from a low-income family do not bother to apply to the top colleges.

Gifted and talented: Even they achieved a high aptitude, the minority students and those who come from a low-income family cannot enroll in the gifted and talented programs.

Implicit Bias: This is an unintentional or unconscious stereotyping that affects the expectations of the teachers on the success and outcome of the students.

Belief gaps greatly affect the progress of students and poverty. It takes hardship, engagement, compassion, communication, and dedication of the teachers and leaders to eliminate this gap.