DIY Lessons: Creative things to do with plastic bottles

Plastic has become an inescapable part of our lives. From bottles, straws, food containers, and beauty products, to plastic houses, shelters, and even some roads, plastic has slowly taken over almost all aspects of organised human living.  While plastic polymers have incredible uses in our day-to-day lives, we cannot ignore the environmental hazard that they possess.

Plastic is non-biodegradable, notes cutmyplastic. What this means is that plastic cannot decompose and return to the earth; it is not made from naturally occurring substances and is man made to benefit us. The key to reducing the plastic footfall on our environment lies in recycling and reusing the leftovers. Instead of merely allowing someone else to collect and recycle your synthetic waste materials like bottles, covers, bags, and so on, you could find some creative ways to enhance your home and life. By doing this you would not only be reducing the plastic in the oceans and landfills, but you would also be contributing towards making the earth a more sustainable place to live in.

Let us help you with this endeavour and share some creative things you can do with plastic bottles as a means to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics.

  1.    Craft supplies holders:

Cut your plastic and soda bottles in half to store pens, craft supplies, stapler pins, and so on. Just heat along the edges to blunt the sides of the container and use reusable tape to secure your craft supplies or stationery. This is a beautiful way to encourage children and young adults to reuse plastics bottles.

  1.    Coffee bottle containers:

Just like ours, we presume your household would also have at least one bottle a month of coffee or tea and creamer. Reuse these bottles (by removing the creamer or product label) and reuse it to store dry snacks like seeds, wafers, or crisps. If you don’t enjoy snacks at your house, you can use them for spice storage, or for salt, sugar, and other condiments. You could also seal and store things in these containers for camping trips or while traveling and for car rides.

  1.    Garden watering can:

Plastic bottles are great for watering plants. Instead of investing in a watering can, just poke some holes into the caps of soda bottles or old detergent bottles and reuse them as watering cans. One word of advice for you – wash these bottles thoroughly before you use them to remove any remnant soap suds.

  1.    Scoopers:

Milk bottles, soda cans, milk cans, and so on can be cut to resemble scoopers. If you have a plastic milk bottle, just cut horizontally (at an angle) till the cut resembles a scoop. You can use these scoopers to clean up after your dog, do some gardening work, or merely thaw the ice on your lawn and steps.

  1.    Small planters:

2-liter soda bottles have rounded thick bases that can be cut off the bottle to make little planters. Cut the bottle two and a half inches from the bottom. Poke holes into the flowery base of the cut portion. Use potting mixture to plant small herbs and flowering plants from the comfort of your window or your patio. Once your plants are big enough, you can transfer them to the soil.

  1.    Charging stations:

Plastic cream and lotion bottles are a nuisance. Use a box cutter to cut the bottle into the shape of a charging dock. This station can help keep your phone and charger wires secured in one spot while they recharge.

  1.    Beach and sand buckets:

Remove the laundry labels on your laundry bottles and cut them off from the bottom. The lesser you cut, the more liquid can be held inside. Laundry detergent bottles have handles that can be used by children while playing on the beach, in sandboxes, and in gardens.

  1.    Garden sprinkler:

Garden sprinklers are the easiest to make with 2-litee plastic bottles. As children, we have all experienced the joy of running around the sprinkler systems in our garden. You can recreate this beautiful memory of playing in the water with your children. Poke holes all around the soda bottle with a burnt matchstick or with cutters. Attach the head of the container to your pipe and turn the water on. You will have an instant sprinkler system without any added costs.

We hope you are able to use some of the ideas presented above and reduce the plastic hazard to the earth. If you would like to share any more innovative and creative ideas, please let us know, and we can share the same with countless others.


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Charter Schools

Parents are greatly concerned with the best education and school for their children. Each of us deserves to have access to a high-quality education that can meet the learning and information we need.

Public schools can provide that high-quality education. Each person has their own style of learning, thus, the right school should be given. High-quality performing charter schools can empower the people. These schools are the top choice.

Across the country, charter schools with the best educators are being deployed. These schools have changed the lives of many, those communities with children suffering from the lack of high-quality education have now been sufficed with these charter schools.

The high-quality charter schools have fostered innovation to their students, they have been offering programs for specialized learning, and providing choices for the children’s family.

To maximize the power of the family to choose, the principle of accountability has been practiced. Public charter schools should embrace the child’s potential, support and develop their excellence and appreciate their achievements.

Empower the families to choose the best public school for their children, for education is the key to a brighter future.

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General Education: Essence

With General Education, we make the best out of people. We get their best out of the current horizon. General Education is the foundation of knowledge, skills, mindful habits, and values that prepare the person to succeed in their course, personal lives, and professional careers.

General Education has its three pillars effective communication, quantitative reasoning, and computer literacy.

Effective Communication: The use of the English language through speaking and writing with coherence, clarity, and persuasiveness is developed.

Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics: The comprehension and usage of the quantitative methods and concepts to interpret and evaluate data, and the effectiveness in solving problems in a context is developed to solve real-world problems.

Computer Literacy: The competency and fluency of the student in the use of computing and information technology to gain access, interpretation, and implementation that can facilitate one’s learning and inquiry.

With these pillars, one prepares his or herself to the real world.

General Education prepares you for the incoming change. Everything changes, however, with the education you are prepared for what the future holds. With the world’s uncertainties, knowledge can help you survive.

General Education provides a summary of knowledge. Although all of the information the world withholds can’t be learned in one setting, with General Education you can organize, think of reasonable ideas, and act accordingly with the situations you are in.

General Education is the foundation for having informed decisions.With the advancement of the world, everything is crucial. We have to learn to survive. It prevents us from being deceived by subtle manipulations of some people.

General Education makes you knowledgeable about the options. You have the idea of how you can make use of your skills and knowledge. When you are exposed to different fields of learning, you know which skill and area you have to enhance.

With the importance of General Education, it has aimed to provide the person a complete exposure to the range of disciplines and areas of knowledge that is linked with the traditional or institutional conventions of arts and sciences. More so, it is expected to develop a set of critical competencies.

General Education is not an inconvenience, to be able to get our career choice one must begin with the basics. It may not be our best interests, but it can serve us best over our lifetime, for the acquired critical thinking skills will be forever embedded in our mind.

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Technological Advancement and Education

We cannot deny that the evolution of technology has a lot to do with the changes in education. It has inflated the people’s access to information, the access of the people to educational opportunities is now in their hands.

Technological advancement is an innovation of the academic research to change the way of how the teachers teach and how the students learn. Its effects have drastically changed some areas of the society positively.


Information can be obtained through the Internet and digital books, there are legitimate contents that can be read to help the students do their research.


The geographic location does not matter now, technological advancement has introduced distance learning. Wherein, schools and people in the different parts of the world can offer courses and information.

Educational Games

Early educational lessons are now embedded in computer games to make learning fun.

Distance Education

Despite the distance, a continuing class or correspondence course are offered by some colleges and universities. The student will receive a course document and is required to comply with the assignments through electronic mails at their convenience.

Web Seminars

Seminars may not be offered by every college or university, however, with the Internet, it has now made easier. Students can now virtually attend conferences and seminars by other educational institutions. Katie from kitchenhome.co.uk agreed “web seminars allow people to learn anywhere in the world, tune in for the best teachers without travelling.”

However, despite the opportunities and benefits, it has given, it is still considered a disruptive innovation. The roles of the teachers have changed, with the student’s access to information through the technological advancements, teachers have become guides rather than a source of information. Students are now engaged in learning on their own.

However, the classroom isolation has been eliminated. The walls of the classroom is no longer an obstacle to enable the new methods of communicating, learning, and working in collaboration with other people.

The technological advancement is an influential mode in supporting and transforming education in ways that it is convenient and accessible for students and teachers. With the educational technologies backed up with reputable instructional designers, an efficient and effective education is readily provided to everyone.

The marketing through electronic and technological advancement has expanded to improve the academic life through eliminating the struggles of the rising costs of information technology. This will be enhanced to its core for distance learning has rapidly increased to become a global phenomenon to drive education to be within reach of each student in the world.